Sunday, July 28, 2013

Watermelon popsicles

Summer means sun ( of course ), summer dresses ( did I tell you that I am a compulsive shopper when it comes to clothes ), parasols, picnics, trips to the beach, swimming, shades and loads and loads of ice-cream. Nothing better to beat the summer heat than an ice-cream or a popsicle ( I enjoy eating ice creams all through the year, though…yes, even winter can't hold me back :) )

When I was a kid, I would pester mum to get me an ice-cream candy and as most  mums are, she would not fulfill my (pestering ) demands too often, for the fear of spoiling me. So, a treat it was for me, quite occasionally ! Cut to present day… I , now , stay , far away from my mum and visit her once in a year. She insists on taking me to the nearby ice-cream parlor and buying me an ice-cream …Well, its not just that…more royal treatment and pampering follows since she gets to spend time with me only for a short while…

I am a mother myself now and though my baby is too small now, I have begun fantasizing about having his friends over for a pizza / burger party when he is older..well, so much for being an indulgent mom. Imagination took the better of me and I started thinking about all things kiddy !! Stumbled upon this thought of making popsicles out of fruits, healthy as well as fun for the kids !! Had a watermelon at home, lingering at me ( rather, me lingering at it ). Bought some popsicle moulds and off I set. So, if you want to sneak in those fruits in your kid's diet, try these fun watermelon popsicles. They will be finished off in no time…And of course, you can have it too !!

So, here goes,

Makes about 6 popsicles ( quantity will vary depending upon the mould size )

Ingredients :

Watermelon, deseeded and cubed - 3 cups
Freshly squeezed lime juice - 1 1/2 tbsp
Sugar - to taste ( depending upon the sweetness of the fruit )… I added about 2 tbsp

Method :

1.  Blend the watermelon cubes with the lime juice and sugar.
2.  Pour into popsicle moulds and keep in the freezer to set. It takes about 4-5 hrs.
3.  To unmould, hold the popsicle moulds under running water and let the sides of the popsicle loosen
     up a bit. Then gently pull the stick out.
4.  Don't wait…just enjoy it straightaway !!!

Note :
If you are using ice-cream sticks, then insert the sticks when the popsicles are partially frozen.

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  1. Wow !! very Tempting dear!!

  2. Looks very inviting and I won't mind having it right now!..thanks for sending it across..